Trevor S.

David Kellen has been more than just a piano teacher for me, he's been an intelligent mentor and a respected friend. He has taken his positive qualities and used them to help people become better pianists and better people. As a whole, i consider Studio K as a definitive part of my childhood, I look back and realize I would be a completely different person had I not taken piano lessons there.

Leslie Hunt - singer/songwriter/pianist/producer

I took piano lessons at Studio K when I was in junior high and high school, and I am so grateful that I did, because taking lessons with David, in such a creative and focused environment, really paved the way to my now established career in music. He has an innovative approach to teaching that really helped to cultivate my creative spirit, all the while appealing to my artistic nature, and customizing our lessons to fit exactly what it was that I wanted to achieve. Congrats on twenty-two years!

Mary V.

My oldest daughter started working with David when she was 5 years old and has been doing so for the past 10 years. Her brothers have also taken lessons from David and the experience has been a great one! David really keeps the music fun and curbs it towards what the children not only want to play, but also the necessary tools they need to be successful. Whether my boys continue with the piano or move on to another instrument, I definitely feel our time with David has been worth the commitment and respect David as a role model for my children, not just as a teacher but also an adult mentor!!!

Carrie S.

David's innovative teaching style is beyond compare. His energy and creativity lends itself to working and adapting to the learning styles of a variety of students. My 14 y/o daughter has been taking lessons from David for 2 1/2 yrs. I couldn't be more pleased that we chose Studio K to develop her skills.

Brenda J.

My son Andrew has been taking piano lessons from David for almost three years now, and Ive always been impressed by David's high level of energy during instruction. Andrew has come a long way in his appreciation of piano and advancement.

Yvonne J.

Our 4 kids have taken lessons from David over the past 11 years and he has brought out the unique talent in each of them. His style of teaching was great for our family. All 4 of our kids could have their lesson at the same time, while each lesson was individualized because of the use of headphones. David has been so easy to work with through the years, with our varying schedules due to school sports and other activities. He has been very flexible in helping us find time to make up lessons that we missed due to schedule conflicts and he has such a positive and uplifting approach. Our house has been filled with such a variety of music, rather than the standard lesson book songs. We highly recommend David as a piano teacher as well as a nice person to know!

Ellen J.

Two of our three boys have taken lessons from David for the past 7 years and have gained so much! David does a fantastic job with growing kids through music and keeping them motivated by using familiar, current songs. He even has composed simpler versions of songs they requested from their video games! David is knowledgeable, experienced and gifted in providing an individualized approach to teaching piano in a small group setting.

Brent V.

I have two of my children in lessons at Studio K. They look forward to the new music they receive, music that is of high interest to their age, which is incredibly motivating when it comes to practicing. I love that I can have both children n lessons at the same time. They are progressing at a quick pace, thanks to the hour long format, as opposed to the half hour format.

David does a great job of working with all age groups. My son started when he was 9. He is now a freshman and continues taking lessons at Studio K Music. He's still learning and still having fun playing piano. I would highly recommend David and Studio K.